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Lawyer Statement

Latest company news about Lawyer Statement

Shandong Minqiao law firm accepted the entrustment and authorization of Shandong Fivcreation Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "FCM"), and conducted the processing of undercarriage parts products in the recent society by using the name of FCM, production, sales, and infringement of its trademark, on behalf of FCM, hereby issued the following statement:
1, at present, there are some organizations and individuals in the society who falsely use the name and trademark of FCM to process, produce and sell undercarriage parts products, which seriously violates the relevant laws and regulations of our country, it has caused serious infringement to FCM.
2. All organizations and individuals that infringe upon the name and trademark of FCM shall immediately publicly apologize to FCM in order to recover the reputation loss of FCM.
3. Any organization or individual that infringes the name and trademark of FCM shall immediately stop the infringement, eliminate the influence and stop all acts of using the name and brand of FCM. Otherwise, according to the entrustment of FCM, our lawyer will safeguard its legal rights and interests through legal means and investigate all legal responsibilities of the infringer. At that time, the infringing party shall not only stop the infringement, apologize, eliminate the influence and compensate for the losses, but also bear all legal liabilities for the infringement, it will also have a significant negative impact on the reputation and future operation of the infringer. Hereby solemnly declare!





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July 7, 2023